How We Can Speak Up for People with Intellectual Disabilities:

keyboard-621831_1280Arising from the Prime Time Investigation of the Aras Attracta nursing home revelations which showed residents being slapped, kicked, verbally abused, force fed and physically restrained, the HSE’s independently appointed review group has set up a public consultation inviting concerned and interested members of the public to have their say on urgent changes and reforms in the provision of care for people with intellectual disabilities. The deadline for public submissions is Monday the 28th September.

Inclusion Ireland, the leading national association for people with intellectual disabilities, have been entrusted with the responsibility of hosting submissions from the public through their website ( The questions asked are refreshingly straightforward. For example, One asks ‘what action can providers take to ensure people are treated with dignity and respect?’, another asks ‘how to prevent neglect?’.

Click here to have your say on reforming these important services. You can email your submission to by Monday the 28th of September. All data collected is subject to the Data Protection Acts.

The following are the necessary documents needed to complete your submission:

Áras Attracta Review Group Consultation Response Booklet

‘Building Confidence, Improving Lives, Delivering Change’

Áras Attracta Swinford Review Group (ÁASRG) consultation paper – Easy to Read

Should you encounter any difficulties, have a query regarding the consultation process, or would like to request a hard copy you can ring 0857076127 or 0868139414 or email

Feel free to contact me at

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