About James

Hi, My name is James Doyle.

In three quick minutes let me establish three important points: WHY I want to represent you, WHAT issues concern you most and HOW I can help to address them.

WHY? As someone raised in the area, with a family background in farming and food production, who’s passionate about public service and equipped with problem solving experience(lawyer and charity activist) I am deeply interested in local issues – be they economic, social or political. I now want to identify and articulate your concerns, seek out and inform you of potential solutions and work, by consensus, to get things done.

WHAT? With the abolition of the Town Council this year it is unclear how local government will work. Certain services will be outsourced (e.g. Irish Water) while other key reforms remain outstanding (funding of local government). I’m committed to maximising the standards of services that are to be retained. I am capable of holding service providers to account and pushing for effective transparent solutions. I’ve started this process by raising people’s concerns about local class sizes, job creation and bus services.

What else can be done? That’s where you come in!