Join the ‘Change One Thing’ Campaign

ChangeOneThingBy making a pledge today on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter you can remind yourself, family and friends about road safety. In the period between 2007 and 2013 there has been a 44% reduction in road fatalities nationally. 6 people tragically lost their lives on Wicklow roads in 2013. There were 190 road related deaths nationally in 2013.

This initiative can help prevent further tragedies on our roads. Get your family and friends involved so that the word can spread and more lives can be saved on Irish roads. Click here to suggest a pledge to the R.S.A and treat yourself to the chance of winning a RSA Safety pack.

If your a Motorist your pledge may be to:

  • give cyclists more consideration on the roadsev
  • to always ensure your children’s car seats are correctly installed into the car
  • to turn off and not use a mobile phone when driving
  • to let all calls go to your voice mail
  • not to drive when feeling tired
  • always make sure I have good tyres on my car at all times
  • never to break the speed limit as directed by road signage
  • to reduce your speed

If your a Cyclist your pledge may be to:

  • Cold Cyclist (1)to take care and consideration for other road users
  • to always wear my helmet
  • not to talk or text on a mobile phone
  • to wear protective clothing when cycling
  • to use hand signals when turning or stopping
  • not to go through a red light
  • to leave car door distance when passing a parked or stopped car
  • to take special care when both me and cars are turning left together

If your a Pedestrian your pledge may be to:

  • man-walking-awayto wear a high visibility jacket when walking, day or night
  • to wear bright clothing while walking to be seen
  • not to use ear/head phones when using the road
  • to take care and consideration for other road users
  • to be careful crossing road
  • when walking on country roads to always walk facing the traffic

If your a Motorcyclist your pledge may be to:

  • to always wear protective clothingMotor1
  • not to ride in and out of lanes beside slow moving or stopped traffic
  • to take special care when approaching intersections
  • to use signals when changing lanes
  • to take care and consideration for other road users
  • to let emergency vehicles pass with ease
  • to wear a helmet

If your a Professional Driver your pledge may be to:

  • not to drive tired and take proper breaks09776-039
  • not to use a mobile phone while driving
  • to keep a safe distance and drive a bit slower
  • to watch out for cyclists
  • not to tailgate other drivers
  • to do a vehicle walk around check before driving
  • to reduce your speed




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