Join the ‘Farming Accidents Awareness’ Campaign

While farms make up just 5 per cent of our workplaces fatalities in the sector now account for almost 50% of all workplace deaths in Ireland. In addition to this a national survey conducted by Teagasc has found that approximately 2,500 non-fatal accidents causing injury take place each year on Irish farms.

Farm accidents cause much suffering to farm families and can also lead to
significant farm business losses. Research has shown that farm family
members suffer over 90% of injuries occurring on farms. Most injuries actually
occur in the farmyard. Most farm accidents are predictable and therefore preventable.

The Farm Safety Partnership Advisory Committee has set out to accomplish 5 goals goals between 2013 and 2015:

The following are the 5 goals for the Farm Safety Action Plan (2013-2015).

1. To establish and implement appropriate Safety and Health Training
and Educational programmes for farmers and persons who are
employed in the Agricultural sector.

2. To develop programmes to prevent accidents and injuries to
vulnerable persons (Children and older persons) in Agriculture.

3. To achieve cultural and behavioural changes related to risk taking in

4. To influence farmers to manage high risk work activities and to
improve standards in the use and maintenance of Tractors,
Machinery and Farm Vehicles.

5. To implement programmes to assist in protecting the occupational
health of persons working in Agriculture.

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