Bus and Rail

Bus/Rail Integration, Fare Proportionality & Frequency

DartNational Transport Authority to prioritise Bus/Rail Integration: James Doyle, a candidate in the forthcoming Greystones local elections has been communicating with the National Transport Authority with the intention of safeguarding the quality of local bus services. Doyle has been making enquiries and seeking answers for a number of months now ever since it was revealed that the 184 & 185 local bus routes will be opened up for tender in 2016.

Recently Doyle wrote another letter to the N.T.A requesting answers on several legitimate concerns relayed to the Fianna Fail candidate by Greystones, Delgany and Kilcoole residents.

Doyle’s first query was in relation to Dart fare proportionality. “There is a stark difference of €2.15 (single), and €4.10 (return), between the fares for the journey from Greystones to Pearse Street and the respective fares for the journey from Bray to Pearse Street. Doyle welcomes the written commitment of the N.T.A to “implement changes to the fare structure that will provide more consistent pricing”. Doyle highlights “the Dart fare disparity in Greystones adds up to over €20 being taken from a commuter’s pocket in a working week”.

As a recent jobhunter himself Doyle argues that “this pricing progression is in need of urgent review given that there are proactive job hunters in Greystones who can’t take the hit but are nevertheless being offered interviews in the City Centre. ”

Addressing the lack of rail transport options for Kilcoole commuters Doyle is “dissatisfied” with the N.T.A who confirmed by written response that whilst “aware that there is currently a low service to Kilcoole”, there are “no plans to extend Dart services to Kilcoole”.

Commenting on the reports that the stopping pattern at Kilcoole is to be included in the national rail network review, Doyle argues that “the N.T.A need to improve, at the very least, the daily existing commuter rail service which services Kilcoole station”.

He added “This should be a priority of the Authority’s rail network review. They need to give wicklow voicereal thought to this issue. Rail service frequency is a concern I can nearly predict when I greet Kilcoole residents on the doorsteps.”

Doyle welcomes the N.T.A’s commitment to prioritise “the examination of improved bus/rail integration” as part of their review.

Energised in the run up to polling day the Greystones area candidate confirmed that he “will continue to push for greater investment in rail transport for Kilcoole and Greystones” emphasising that “passenger demand is clear, the business case apparent, political will must step up to the plate”.

To read this article on the Wicklow Voice Website click here.


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