Kilmacanogue Bus Commuters Should Make The Leap

VJKBOn Monday the 5th January Dublin Bus announce their revised timetables for the 145 and 45A routes on The specifics of the route changes have been anticipated and justifiably feared by Kilmacanogue residents for a number of years. What can be confirmed is that the 145 route will no longer serve Kilmacanogue passengers. Instead the service will terminate at Ballywaltrim and Kilmacanogue residents will lose their direct access to the City Centre. What cannot be confirmed is the adequacy of the new re-routed Dublin Bus service for passengers travelling to and from Kilmacanogue.

The 45a route, currently routed between Dun Laoghaire and Ballywaltrim, will now be extended to Kilmacanogue village. The result being that Kilmacanogue passengers will now have to switch buses to access the city centre. Although Dublin Bus are confident that these new route changes “will improve reliability and punctuality”, the present frequency comparison between the two routes suggests all is not well. Not only are passengers being asked to switch buses but the frequency of the Kilmacanogue-Ballywaltrim leg of the journey will be much lower assuming Dublin Bus doesn’t increase the frequency of the 45a route. Among those most affected will be commuters working near or in the city centre and students attending college courses outside Bray and Dun Laoghaire relying on Dublin Bus. No longer will those currently using the 145 route to link up on the N11 in order to commute to Wexford have a direct link.

Aside from frequency and loss of a direct service, there will also be a big impact on fares. Commuters and students travelling towards the city centre currently paying two fares per day will now pay four fares with each journey divided into two legs. Presently, a Kilmacanogue resident travelling to work in the City Centre pays €3.30 cash fare one way and €6.60 return. When the changes take effect in coming weeks, they will pay an additional €1.95 fare (first leg) to Ballywaltrim on top of the €3.30 (second leg) for the journey from Ballywaltrim towards the City Centre. That’s a total fare of €5.25 one way and €10.50 return.

In order to lessen this financial burden frequent passengers should, if they have not already, avail of the Leapcard now that their daily cash fare expenditure will rise. For bus users the Leapcard applies a daily cap of €6.90, and a weekly cap of €27.50. In comparison, this means a daily expense of €6.90 using leapcard rather than €10.50 using cash fare. By making the transition to Leapcard, commuters travelling towards the City Centre from Kilmacanogue could see a weekly saving of €25.00, and an annual saving of €1,300.

Introduced in 2011, Leapcard now has 750,000 users. Adult, Student & Child Leapcards can be purchased online at, or alternatively at many local newsagents for €5 (Adult) or €3 (Child) refundable deposit. They can be topped up by a minimum of €5 and will select the best value fare option from your travel credit.

For more information regarding Leapcard call 1850 824824, or email your query to

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