Water Charges

Stop playing games and tell Greystones families how much they will pay in Water Charges:

Fianna Fáil Local election candidate for Greystones, James Doyle, says the Government must stop playing games over water charges and finally inform families in Wicklow how much they will have to pay for their water next year.

Doyle was speaking as claim and counter-claim by Fine Gael and Labour representatives this week has left many families angered about the lack of any clear information on just how much they will be expected to pay for Water Charges in January.

“The behaviour of Fine Gael and Labour representatives this week been nothing short of appalling. People are not stupid; they know full well the Government is delaying telling people just how much they will pay in water charges until after May’s local elections.

“This is despite the Taoiseach stating on numerous occasions that the information was only weeks away” observed the council candidate adding that “under this Government old school election politics remains the order of the day”.

wicklowtimes“People I am meeting on the doorstep every day are frightened by the continuing stream of misinformation they are getting from Fine Gael and Labour. Families have no idea what kind of ‘free allowance’ they will receive and whether the elderly or those with illnesses   will be entitled to extra allowances.

“How are people supposed to support the introduction of water charges when they were hoodwinked into paying the Local Property Tax. The Government promised that 80% of money collected from the Local Property Tax would go back onto local communities; instead €500 million of the money collected was put towards Irish Water. Not only were we sold a pup with no meaningful reform of local government funding but the diverted funds were squandered on the scandal plagued Irish Water super-quango.”

Commenting on the absence of progressive planning or consumer value under Fine Gael and Labour Doyle pointed out that “not one cent of that money has been put into fixing pipes and leaks but 40% of our water is lost through leaking pipes. Why should families in Greystones pay water charges when a quarter of all domestic water is leaking into the ground? Why is it that for the less well off no consideration will be given to their ability to pay? Why should families pay water charges when millions of taxpayer’s money has been spent on consultants’ reports instead of going to local amenities and services.

“The silence of the Government representatives in Wicklow has been deafening. How can they stand by and watch the Irish people be forced into paying water charges when they made such a mess of the Local Property Tax money.”

“The Government has no credibility on this; it needs to put politics aside and start being up front with households in Greystones and tell us just how much we are expected to pay in water charges come January.”

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