Confronting Cronyism

Letter to the Editor2014-07-07

I read your ‘Labour Skeletons?’ cover story in last week’s newspaper. It started with Anne Ferris TD calling for the county council to pledge not to engage in cronyism. It then turned into a farcical finger-pointing exercise, primarily on the part of Sinn Fein councillor John Brady.

If Sinn Fein genuinely believes in ridding future government of cronyism it baffles me why the bulk of Councillor Brady’s comments related to poltical party ‘skeletons’ of the past.

It would have been helpful for Wicklow people to hear from both these elected representatives what they believe can be done to reverse the rot in our political system.

Does Deputy Ferris really believe a pledge will put a stop to back handers or ensure no more jobs for the boys? Given her party remain in government what real actions do they believe will actually solve the problem? And, crucially, have they the willpower to ultimately take them?

Finally, a question for John Brady. The cover story finished with the Sinn Fein councillor saying his party is “about finishing the unfinished business of 1916”.

wicklowtimesWhat precisely does Councillor Brady mean by “finishing the unfinished business of 1916”?

Given the selection of “skeletons” and diversity of allegations covered in his criticisms of Deputy Ferris and the Labour party I cannot be sure.

What I can be sure of is that when starting to read a story on cronyism many readers in Bray, and across the county, will be left scratching their heads over what “business” their Sinn Fein representatives apparently wants to finish.