Medical Costs

If you have a medical card, you are entitled to free GP (family doctor) services, prescribed drugs and medicines (with some exceptions), in-patient public hospital services, out-patient services, dental, optical and aural services, medical appliances, maternity and infant care services.

Medical cards are issued by the Health Service Executive (HSE). The card will normally cover you and your dependent spouse and child dependants.

In order to qualify for a medical card, you have to satisfy a means test. Different income thresholds apply for people aged under 66, those aged 66-69, and those aged over 70 years.

The HSE operates an online service that enables people, anywhere in the country, to apply for a medical card online. The website address is

GP Visit Cards

Certain people in Ireland who do not qualify for a medical card may apply for a GP (family doctor) Visit Card. GP Visit Cards allow individuals and families who qualify, to visit their family doctor for free. It is means tested but the income limits are higher than for a full medical card.

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Tax Relief on Medical Bills
If you pay medical expenses that are not covered by the State or by private health insurance, you may claim tax relief on some of those expenses. These expenses include the costs involved in nursing home care.
Tax relief is also available in Ireland for premiums paid for health insurance and for long-term care insurance. The insurance company grants this tax relief at source.

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Drugs Payment Scheme

Under the Drugs Payment Scheme an individual or family in Ireland does not have to pay more than a set amount (€144 from 1 January 2013) for approved prescribed drugs, medicines and certain appliances for use by that person or his or her family each month.

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If you encounter any difficulties seeking information regarding Medical Costs please send me an email with your query and I would be glad to find you the relevant

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